Wholesale Lidocaine Cream – Low Cost & Superior Effectiveness

Numbify offers wholesale distribution options for their fast acting and effective numbing creams/lotion, gels & sprays. Numbify supplies wholesale 5% and 4% lidocaine creams to hospitals, physicians’ offices, ambulatory care, medical & day spas, aestheticians, tattoo product and healthcare product distributors. Wholesale lidocaine products are available in creams, gel and sprays.

In side by side testing, Numbify has been shown to be the most powerful numbing formula on the market.

Numbify provides you with the highest quality wholesale lidocaine numbing creams at a very competitive prices. We rank at the top when compared to other leading brands in categories such as price, effectiveness, and quality. Numbify supplies you with only the highest quality lidocaine products that are: effective, deep penetrating, and strong, all at what we believe are at the very best prices.

To allow you the chance to experience Numbify for yourself, we are offering a free sample to any business interested in wholesaling with us! If you currently distribute or supply numbing products with other vendors or to retail clients, we want the opportunity to help you build loyalty and increase sales with the power of Numbify!

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*You must be qualified as a wholesaler to receive a free 2 oz spray sample. One free sample per firm per year.

Or go to our Numbify wholesale page

Please compare your free sample of Numbify against your current lidocaine numbing product. We strongly believe that in side by side tests Numbify will provide:

  • Lower Overall Cost
  • Significantly Stronger formula
  • More & Higher Quality Natural Ingredients

Our Numbify Wholesale Lidocaine Cream,

Gel and Spray Advantages:

 What makes Numbify better than other Lidocaine formulations?

  • Tested significantly stronger in blind side by side testing against most major brands
  • Uses natural ingredients whenever possible
  • Low cost pricing structure
  • Spray soaks in quickly for a no contact delivery system
  • High quality natural skin penetration enhancers
  • Multiple effective formulation options (creams, gels and/or sprays)
  • Cream has smooth, rich, creamy texture
  • Lite and fresh, clean scent
  • Very fast acting delivery
  • Made in Oregon, USA in an FDA registered and monitored facility
  • Over the counter regulatory compliant for lidocaine strength
Numbify has been shown time and time again to be the strongest, most effective numbing agent on the market.

Numbify is a deep penetrating proprietary formula delivering lidocaine when numbing is needed for fast and strong relief of pain and itching. In side by side testing, Numbify has been shown to be the most powerful numbing formula on the market.

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Lidocaine, is a local anesthetic used frequently as a topical anesthetic for numbing purposes, or rather to relieve pain & itching. Lidocaine is an approved drug monitored by the  Federal Drug Administration (FDA) see the last warning. Five percent Lidocaine is the maximum of Lidocaine approved by the (FDA) for over-the-counter (OTC) medication usage without a doctor or prescription.

Numbify’s proprietary formula leaps into action right away, providing soothing relief of pain and itching that starts in minutes, and lasts for hours.

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