Wholesale Lidocaine Numbing for Tattoos and Piercings

Lidocaine has long been the numbing agent of choice for tattoos and piercings. It has been around for longer than most topical anesthetics, and has an excellent track record of providing temporary pain relief for a wide variety of purposes. But did you know that the effectiveness of Lidocaine can vary from product to product?

Numbify has scoured the entire world, and spent years perfecting what we believe is by far the strongest numbing cream on the market. https://numbify.com/

Many Lidocaine manufacturers put the majority of their resources into their marketing programs, and purchasing fake reviews on Amazon and other sites rather than into improving their delivery system. These same manufacturers use cheap chemical ingredients to save costs, causing painful tattoos and piercings. Here at Numbify we believe in doing things differently.

See why the best Tattoo Artists want the Strongest NumbingNumbify’s philosophy is based on three key factors: stronger numbing, low cost pricing, and natural ingredients. Our commitment to integrity in advertising and our wholesale lidocaine support for tattoo supplies are unparalleled in our field. While other companies spend their budgets on fake reviews, Numbify reinvests our income into improving our products in as many ways as possible. We actively seek out the best and highest quality ingredients for our tattoo products, using natural ingredients wherever possible. This increases the costs of manufacture, yet our products are consistently priced lower than most brands.

See why the best Tattoo artists want the strongest numbing

This begs the question, why are these other companies charging more for inferior products? Well they have to pay for those fake ads somehow, and they don’t want to give up the Ferrari. When choosing a Lidocaine product to carry in your tattoo or piercing shop, you want to consider a few things, the most important of which are customer satisfaction, and profit margins. Here at Numbify, we are committed to increasing your profits. With wholesale programs that can bring you between 20-35% profit margins, and a product that customers love, we easily hit both of those markers.

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Because of Numbify’s reputation for integrity and stronger lower cost numbing, carrying Numbify is an excellent way to boost profits at your shop. Your tattoo and piercing customers will be able to come back more often, will tell more of their friends about you (because of how pleasant and healthier their experience was), and spend more at your tattoo / piercing shop, bringing you additional income.

You may or may not have heard of Numbify before today, and wonder to yourself how this newer product line got such a great reputation so quickly. Is it all true? Was it all just a really good PR campaign? We’ll set your mind at ease. We are going to expose our greatest secret.

Low Cost — Low Pain — Tattoo’s by Numbify.

We don’t expect anyone to take our word for it!

Here at Numbify, we put our money where our mouth is. We have challenged the entire lidocaine industry in side-by-side testing (a challenge that to date no other manufacturer has had the courage to test). We will happily send wholesale companies a free 2 ounce sample of our lidocaine spray, completely at our expense for you to test out at your shop. If it’s not the best lidocaine numbing product you have ever tried, you are out exactly nothing, but we are confident that you will love it. In blind side-by-side testing Numbify has beat out all of its competitors, and established itself as the dominant numbing product in the market. Even without fake reviews, Numbify is consistently at the top of page one on Amazon and other sales sites, proving that we don’t need fake reviews to be the best.

Tattoo Artist today know the word “Numbified” as: Low Cost —  Low Pain — Tatttoo’s by Numbify.

So what are you waiting for? Start the process of boosting your shops sales today by requesting your free sample at Numbify wholesale.

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