Wholesale Lidocaine Numbing Packages Now Available Nationwide

It seems these days everybody is talking about Numbify! From Mr. Anthony Ray on Youtube to several Top Ten numbing cream sites, Numbify is all the rage, knocking down the competition in side-by-side comparisons. With a  combination of the legal maximum of lidocaine allowed over the counter, and a serious infusion of healthy all natural ingredients, it’s easy to see why Numbify is finding its way into the public eye.

If you own a tattoo/piercing shop, pharmacy, laser hair removal, or wax friendly day spa, we believe Numbify Wholesale is your best option.

Whether you own a tattoo/piercing shop, pharmacy, laser hair removal, or wax friendly day spa, you have probably heard about Numbify, but wondered where to get some. The great news is that Numbify is easy to order, right from Numbify.com, and when ordering one of our bulk priced counter display packs, you save 20% off the individual unit size. This is a great option whether you want to include the product into your pricing for a service, or just resale it at the individual unit price. The best part is that the products ship free, so you get to keep the whole 20% margins.

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Interested in being a wholesale partner? On orders of $5,000 you get an additional 15% off the individual price! In case you were wondering, shipping is also free on wholesale orders, so that whole 35% profit margin is all for you.

Lets talk a little bit about what makes Numbify so superior to its competitors! Numbify designs its products around a triad of business principles.

When you fill out the Wholesale registration you will also receive a free 2oz sample of our numbing spray to try for yourself!
  1. Stronger Numbing – It’s not good enough to just be good enough. Numbify has scoured the earth finding the best ingredients that it can to not only bring you the soothing relief of lidocaine, but to augment its power and increase its effectiveness with healthy high quality, and often natural ingredients. This has left Numbify proudly standing alone after leaving its competitors in the dust in side-by-side testing.

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  2. Natural Ingredients – Sometimes the better ingredient is synthetic, sometimes it’s a natural ingredient. Numbify will always choose the ingredient that is best for its purpose, but you can rest assured that Numbify will never choose a cheap synthetic chemical filler ingredient when it can choose a better quality natural one. That’s because Numbify chooses its ingredients by what will work best for the majority of our customers, not by what saves us money.
  3. Low Cost Pricing – Despite the fact that Numbify has yet to be beat in side-by-side testing, and features higher quality ingredients over cheaper options, it still offers its products at a very competitive price point. Priced below the average price per ounce for this type of product, Numbify happily shares its product with a lower profit margin for itself than other companies take, to make its products more affordable and available to the public.

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Many of Numbify’s competitors have resorted to posting fake 5-star reviews on their products. Numbify proudly stands by their reviews and doesn’t feel the need to buy off the integrity of people reviewing. Instead Numbify has issued a challenge. Try us against your current brand, on us. We have opened this challenge to any business thinking about carrying our products.

So head on over to Numbify.com and sign up to get your free sample. There’s no obligation to buy, and Numbify is excited to hear what you think!!!

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