Wholesale Lidocaine Pain Relief for Tattoo Removal Facilities

For all the laser powered mistake removers out there, we have a great way for you to increase your customer satisfaction, and boost profits as well! You all have patients that come into your laser removal location with a tattoo that they may regret or it no longer really pertains to the type of image or person they are now. Obviously you know a laser tattoo removal is one of the best options to get that misspelled ex’s name or unwanted fiery skull off their neck. To ease some of your customers pain in the process of the removal there is a powerful wholesale product called Numbify that can greatly help with the tenderness involved with getting that tattoo laser removed from their body. As people may have fear involved with the laser removal process, this allows you to provide a reassuring option to lessen the pain for your clients, and as you know when you make the experience that much better, as a wholesaler you will bring in customers that may have been too afraid before.

Numbify is a deep penetrating formula delivering 5% lidocaine when numbing is needed for fast and strong relief of pain and itching. In side-by-side testing, Numbify has been shown to be the most powerful numbing formula on the market. Numbify 5% lidocaine numbing is a deep penetrating anesthetic numbing cream packed with as many natural ingredients as possible, designed to significantly reduce extreme topical pain. https://numbify.com

The main ingredient in Numbify to assist with the pain relief is Lidocaine and it is the strongest 5% Lidocaine amount allowed by the FDA. This allows for the penetration deep into the layers of skin desensitizing those pain receptors in the layer of skin that the tattoo resides. Lidocaine is one of the strongest pain relief agents around as an active ingredient, and Numbify has great other natural healthier ingredients included, such as Kava Kava, which historically has been used as a natural pain reliever in many island cultures. Another great ingredient is Arrowroot which in the Caribbean was used to treat wounds and draw out poisons from arrow injuries naturally for centuries. There is chamomile as another natural calming ingredient and a wonderful tropical fragrance in the product to smell nice.

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The cost value that you get with these products is a great deal as well. As one of the lower priced numbing agents on the market, Numbify reduces its own profit margins to offer you between 20-35% off the individual sell price when purchasing in bulk. They also offer free shipping options so you get to keep all of those margins as profit for yourself!

There are a variety of low cost formulations you can get them in, creams, gels, and sprays. This allows you to use it in the many areas of the body and skin types that a Laser Removal location could see on a regular basis. With each of these variety of Numbify products they are also available for wholesale purchasing of the products. The more you buy the better discount the product could get and it comes in a lovely counter display so you can carry the products in your location at a reasonable low cost option for your patients. Using the product before during and even after their procedure is a wonderful alternative to having them white knuckle through that pain.

Combining science, art, natural remedy, and a hefty dose of raw unbridled numbing power. We have created a brute strength anesthetic with maximum lidocaine numbing strength. https://numbify.com

Another great thing about Numbify is their commitment to honest real reviews. Most Lidocaine brands indulge in the hiring of review farms, who post thousands of fake reviews on sites like Amazon, and Walmart. These are not an actual user or honestly received by the company. Numbify chooses to believe that using only real honest reviews of their products is best. This will make sure the company is receiving real feedback from their consumers to make a well educated decision. This really shows how important getting feedback from their users is to them. This is a valuable and honest process for their company, and provides less confusion in the pain relief space to easily see that this is one of the best and strongest with natural ingredients pain relief cream on the market today.  With so many fake reviews in numbing and the true belief that Numbify is stronger than the competitors Numbify challenges all to blind head to head comparison. 

Tattoo Artist today know the word “Numbified” as:
Low Cost —  Low Pain — Tatttoo’s by Numbify.

Low Cost —  Low Pain — Tattoo’s by Numbify.

For most people there is a vast range of pain that they can handle. Even when your patients were getting the tattoo done, it may have been extremely painful for them. Others may say it was as painless as a rubber band hitting their skin. Allowing your customers an option for relieving some of that pain will hopefully ease some of that fear they have leading up to getting the laser procedure done, and help them keep the commitment to getting it done. As you may know clients being in a calm relaxed state will definitely make your shops process and procedure on that day a whole lot easier and run smoothly too.

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Laser tattoo removal may feel like an extreme and nerve racking process to go through for some people, but now you have Numbify with its low cost wholesale arsenal to help ease some of the pain involved for your clients. So next time you have a person come in who needs to get rid of an old faded Tears for Fears tattoo or that high school mascot doing who knows what, remember Numbify!

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