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We know that small business owners of tattoo shops, waxing salons, and pharmacies want a product that REALLY works at numbing, and our friends at Numbify deliver exactly that. Numbify is the best product on the market and is second to none, and the best part is now you can offer this incredible product in your location with confidence knowing that your customers will be delighted with the results. After all, results are what counts and also what will keep your customers coming back again and again.

Numbify is a deep penetrating formula delivering 5% lidocaine when numbing is needed for fast and strong relief of pain and itching. In side-by-side testing, Numbify has been shown to be the most powerful numbing formula on the market.

Speaking of coming back! With their pricing margins you will be able to not only offer a phenomenal product but also increase revenue with repeated sales over and over again. Your customers will be pleased with the product and the price!! They offer the best product at the best price so your customers are happy– and if your customers are happy then you are happy. Numbify works and it works because of the powerful and healthy ingredients they use.

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Speaking of ingredients, Numbify uses only top of the line ingredients and that is a HUGE part of why Numbify is the best numbing product out on the marketplace. We strive to use all natural ingredients which are not cheap chemical filler ingredients, but are instead the best available. No ingredient goes in without a specific purpose, and we test everything to make sure it is the best available. With 5% Lidocaine and a hefty dose of Kava Kava and other natural ingredients, it delivers results fast.

Numbify asks you to try their product first. And we don’t mean first as in before everyone else, they want you to try it, BEFORE you buy it. If you are considering offering Numbify in your location they will send you a full sized 2 ounce sample of their product so you can see for yourself how great it is. Just reach out to them at Numbify.com through their sign up form, or at 877-906-4806, and ask for Joe! All they ask in return is that you will give them your honest feedback on what you thought of their amazing Numbify products. We know you’ll love it because it’s the best.

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Being the best is easily said, and not so easily proven, so we encourage you to do a side-by-side comparison with what you currently use, or any other lidocaine product on the market, and see for yourself. Just be warned, not every other company has the confidence in their products to send you a free sample. Numbify has challenged all of them to a side-by-side comparison, where if the other guy won, Numbify would pay for an advertisement for the competitor announcing their winning. Unfortunately they haven’t had any takers yet…

Who offers a challenge like that? NOBODY! Numbify does because they hear over and over from people just like you how awesome Numbify is and that there really is no comparison to the others.

So with the best pricing, top of the line ingredients, free sample and the challenge to see that they are the best, how can you go wrong? This will be one of the best decision you’ll make when you start offering Numbify in your location. You’ll make money, keep customers happy, have confidence knowing you are offering the absolute best numbing agent available.

Don’t wait. Be the first in your area to start offering Numbify to your customers. Everyone is jumping on board and you don’t want to miss the boat.

There are many options for you to choose from, depending on your application. There are sprays, gels and creams so whatever the use, Numbify has got you covered.

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