Why Did Czar Putin Just Move the Ending Date of World War II?

  • Putin moved the ending dat of World War II.
  • It is another political move.
  • Putin continues with his agenda.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill to postpone the end of World War II from September 2 to September 3, 1945. This revision has important political and diplomatic implications. The bill was signed on April 24, 2020. According to Kremlin, the bill is aimed at restoring historical truth and strengthening Russia’s national unity.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Chairman of the defense committee Vladimir Shamanov stressed that the purpose of these actions is “to strengthen the historical foundations and patriotic traditions.” Russian society has always attached great importance to historical traditions, especially those historical events that had a great impact on the country. Although this change is only one day, it reflects the serious attitude of Russians to the historical fact.

In 1945, according to the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, September 3 was declared Victory Day over Japan. On the medal “for the victory over Japan” which was received by about 1.8 million Soviet soldiers, there is an inscription “September 3, 1945.”

Vladimir Shamanov the Chairman of the Russian Defense Committee.

2020 is the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. Thus far the biggest military parade in Russian history has been postponed due to Coronavirus.

The purpose of this revision is to confirm that the southern Kuril Islands belong to Russia. According to Russia, Japan, by signing the Act of surrender, legally recognized the ownership of the southern Kuril Islands (Japan called them the four Northern Islands) of Russia. Thus, there is no so-called territorial dispute between Russia and Japan.  The islands have been a sticking point fordiplomatic relations between Russia and Japan.

This bill is mainly based on historical facts and Russia’s domestic political needs, but it also creates a common theme for Chinese-Russian people’s diplomacy. After the end of the Cold War, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe that were originally in the socialist camp turned to the West and no longer celebrated World War II Victory Day with Russia.

The disputed Kuril Islands.

These countries tried to completely cut ties with the Soviet Union — demolished and destroyed monuments to red Army soldiers, changed names related to the USSR, and so on. Poland even publicly accused Russia of being an aggressor (along with Nazi Germany) and said they must therefore take responsibility for the outbreak of the second world war.

China praised the revision of the date at this time claiming it will help to awaken the historical memory of Russians and strengthen social cohesion and patriotic traditions. The bill immediately gained support in China and on their social media.

China approves of the propaganda because of their own tumultuous relations with Japan. It is trying time for China with Japan. Recently, Japan announced a funding allocation to move manufacturing out of China and back to Japan or other nations.

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