Why Do Democrats Continue to Reelect Their Corrupt Governors and Mayors Supporting Billionaires at the Expense of the Working Class?

  • Democratic controlled states and cities have failed!
  • Financial differences between Clinton and Obama vs Trump.
  • The worst Democratic Governors and Mayors in our country.
  • Four things we must do in order to unite our country.
  • Democrats have a losing agenda; therefore, they must cheat in order to win.

Democratic controlled states and cities have failed to protect their constituents from extremely high crime, homeless takeover of their cities, high unemployment and intercity poverty. Democrats continue to be rewarded for their lack of concern of the needy and they support big government and big business. There are motivated by money from special interest lobbyists and big corporations at the expense of small business. Democrats are in bed with the corrupt biased media and big tech so they do their bidding!  Therefore, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. That is the definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

President Obama’s election as the first Black President was seen as a means to improve race relations. However, he made race relations worse after he left office.

Republican controlled states and cities have lower crime, no homeless takeover of their cities, little or no rioting, looting and destruction of property. Republican controlled cities have higher employment and little intercity poverty. Why does the insanity continue in Democratic states and cities? Why do voters in those states continue to vote for failure? Insanity!

President Bill Clinton began his political career as a middle class American and today is a multimillionaire. As president, he rented out the Lincoln Bedroom for campaign contributions and received illegal contributions from China and other foreign governments. His presidency was full of sex scandals including accusations of rape, proven sex with a young intern and several trips to Epstein’s “Orgy Island”.

President Obama’s election as the first Black President was seen as a means to improve race relations. However, he made race relations worse after he left office. Obama also corrupted the IRS by preventing The Tea Party from receiving tax exemptions in opposition to his tax policy. Obama also corrupted the Justice Department and the FBI in order to spy on candidate Trump and later President Trump.

President Trump, on the other hand, came into office as a billionaire and donated his half million dollar annual salary to worthy causes. President Trump created the greatest economy in the history of our country, as well as the lowest unemployment for Blacks, Latinos and women. He accomplished more in four years than any other president! Instead of receiving credit for his work, the Democrats conspired to destroy him before he was even elected.

When you think of the worst Governors in our country, you probably come up with Governors in states like Washington, Oregon, California and New York, being the worst. When you think of the worst cities, probably New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis come to mind. One thing they all have in common is that they have been controlled by Democratic Governors and mayors for decades. Some of the worst governors and mayors:

  1. Governor Newsom of California and Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles have destroyed one of the most beautiful states in our country. California is in serious financial condition because of:
    A. Their “Open Border’s” policy, flooding our country with millions of illegal aliens.
    B. Their “Sanctuary Cities” is a disaster policy of protecting criminals.
    C. Free health care and free in-state tuition given to illegal immigrants.
    D. Releasing criminals back into the community.
    E. Their COVID-19 lockdown policy, forcing small businesses to shut down.
    F. The hypocrisy of Governor Newsom and The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi “do as I say, not as I do”, breaking all the rules they pass on to Californians. The people of California have had enough of Newsom and are over half way through in having him removed from office.
  2. Governor Cuomo of New York and Mayor De Blasio of New York City have destroyed most of the small businesses, especially the restraints, in the state. Like California, they are in serious financial shape because corporations and wealthy residents are leaving in droves. Many are moving to low tax states like Florida and Texas. Murder and other serious crimes have more than doubled over the past few years in most Democratic run states.
  3. Governor Inslee of Washington State and Mayor Durkan of Seattle have turned their state into lawlessness and chaos by submitting to radical Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They have allowed rioters to loot, burn down buildings, attack police and take possession of several blocks in Seattle. They called it Chop and declared it an autonomous zone with no accountability.
  4. Governor Brown of Oregon and Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland have allowed rioting in Portland for five months due to the death of George Floyd. Portland Business Alliance claims that Downtown Portland has lost $ 23,000,000 in recent riots. Both Washington State and Oregon are anti-police and do little to stop the riots and damage to government and personal property.
  5. Governor Walz of Minnesota and Mayor Frey of Minneapolis are also anti-police and allowed rioting, looting and destruction of businesses until President Trump sent troops in to quell the rioting and destruction of businesses. In spite of all the uptick in crime they still want to defund the police.
  6. Governor Whitmer of Michigan and Mayor Duggan of Detroit have shut down the state using COVID as their excuse. Gretchen Whitmer thinks she is king/dictator and put lawless restrictions on her people. Detroit is another high crime-ridden Democratic run city.

Why would anyone with a choice choose to live in any of the above cities or states? Unfortunately, only the wealthy can afford to move wherever they want to live. The wealthy use all the tax loopholes available to avoid their higher tax rates. The wealthy also avoid all the crime because they can afford to live in gated communities or have armed bodyguards protect them.

Governor Newsom of California has destroyed one of the most beautiful states in our country.

As of Wednesday night, the fight over election fraud is shut down and Joe Biden will become our 46th President. The chances of reversing the Democratic electors in favor of President Trump were slim at best. Our wimpy Supreme Court refused to look into the fraud and unconstitutional actions by most of the battleground states. Democrats bypassed the legislature and had unelected judges make changes to their election laws at the last minute. These changes heavily favored Biden by watering down almost all forms of voter verification, thereby opening up the whole voter process to voter fraud.

Mass mail-in ballots was known to be open to fraud. Even President Jimmy Carter warned against mail-in ballots many years ago. Several month ago I wrote an article titled: “Mass Mail in Ballots Could Be the Death of Our Democracy.”  Democrats knowing all this potential fraud, flooded the battleground states with millions of ballots, including dead people, people who moved out of state, felons in prison and illegal aliens. If people were fearful of voting in person, all they had to do was request an absentee ballot. That would eliminate all the potential fraud and election results would be known on election night, or shortly thereafter.

After the storming of our Capitol Building Wednesday night, Joe Biden will be our next president. However, that doesn’t mean Republicans believe he won the presidency legally. Republicans still believe the election was stolen by voter fraud and will continue believing it until all evidence of voter fraud is investigated! Just because many courts refused to review the evidence of voter fraud, that doesn’t prove anything except they refused to do their job.

I also firmly believe that the election of Biden was stolen and will continue to believe it until proven otherwise. Democrats should ask themselves these questions: “Why did several hundred thousand Republicans come to Washington, D.C. from all over the country?  Why did so many Trump supporters come to protest this election?”

No sound minded Republican excuses the violence against our Capitol Building. The same standard should have been used when all the rioting, looting and destruction of small businesses happened on the left. However, the media claimed that the Democrat’s protests were peaceful, even when reporters were reporting in front of burning buildings.

Soon to be Vice President Kamala Harris set up a fund to pay bail for all the thugs arrested for violence and the destruction they inflicted on small businesses and government property. Many large corporations also contributed to her fund and to Black Lives Matter who were involved in the violence. They all got a free get out of jail pass. Is this equal justice under the law?

No Democracy can survive when their people believe that their election is rigged! Free and fair elections are our pressure release valve. However, if people believe that their vote means nothing then that is when violence occurs. Black Lives Matters have a slogan, “no justice, and no peace.” Does that slogan only apply to Democrats?

Our country is extremely divided and will only get worse until:

  1. We correct our voting system where people can be sure their vote counts. Never again should we allow mass mail-in voting. State legislators must make the rules for each of their states, not unelected judges! All voting must be counted by the day of election. Not weeks or months down the road. If Florida can do it so should all our other states.
  2. We must have equal justice for Republicans instead of a two tier justice system! Republicans should be held to a much higher standard than Democrats. There still has been no justice for Hillary’s email scandal or for those who signed four false, unverified FISA Warrants that put our country through hell for over two years. No justice for the FBI who spied on the Trump campaign, knowing that the Russian collusion was made up by Hillary Clinton as cover for her email scandal. I could go on and on, but you know the sad history of, no justice instead of speedy justice.
  3. Our biased media must give unbiased coverage for both parties. It is ok to be tough on Republicans, only if they are equally tough on Democrats. Their constantly tearing down President Trump while never reporting on his many accomplishments only further divides our country into two political groups. Their silence on reporting Democratic scandals is upsetting to say the least.
  4. Our censoring social media is also doing their best to destroy the Republican Party and protect the Democratic Party. They censored all the corruption by the Biden family prior to the election. Polls showed that 10% of Democratic voters would not have voted for Biden had they known about their family’s corruption. That alone would have changed the results of the election.

Anyone caught breaking our laws should be prosecuted. “Justice delayed is justice denied!” This happens too often and it only emboldens the law breaker. We need to clean house in the Justice Department, especially the corrupt FBI. We must have an even playing field for both Democrats and Republicans.

The Democrats have a losing agenda; therefore, they must cheat in order to win any election. Just look at the high crime, high unemployment and near bankrupt Democratic states and cities mentioned earlier. Compare them to successful Republican states that people are flocking to for lower taxes, low unemployment, few onerous regulations and lower cost of living. It’s no wonder Democrats have to cheat to win!

I pray that both parties will learn from their mistakes and work together for the good of the country. Revenge will only make things worse and lead to a potential civil war. Republicans will accept Biden only if he allows closure on voter fraud and his family’s potential corruption. Otherwise, it will be a long and difficult four years!

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Bob Sayre

Robert (Bob) W. Sayre, Sr. grew up in Pennsylvania and graduated from Penn State University. Later he was an executive in several independent distributors. He resides now in St Charles, MO. Prior to retiring, Robert owned three remodeling companies. After he retired, he volunteered at Salvation Army, Oasis Food Pantry, “Jobs for Life” and helping the homeless. He also wrote a book: “The Truth Will Set You Free, Eleven Myths Satan Uses to Deceive Man”.  

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