Why There Can’t Be Slavery Reparations – History Lesson on Slavery

  • When we think about racial ineguality, do we blame everyone in the country, or do we research the truth?
  • The Democratic Party enjoys votes from the black community, the very people it tried to keep enslaved for most all of its entire history.
  • Opposition to school choice by Democrats has kept blacks in failing schools.

Over the past few years Americans have been hearing about possibly having to pay for slavery reparations to the descendants of slaves that have long since passed. Recently to the tune of 6.2 quadrillion dollars. This article will show why said reparations will be widely voted against.

People living today had no voice in what their ancestors may have done, or may not have done. Each individual on the planet is responsible for his or her actions and words, not someone else’s.

It is illegal to charge a person or a group for a crime or act that they did not commit. It is almost impossible to charge a child of an ancestor or even a living child of deceased parents with a debt from bygone era’s or even yesterday.

Ku Klux Klan.

Has there been or is there still a need for black people to complain about racial injustice? Absolutely. And we will take a look at those grievance’s after a good look at the slavery trade in the United States past.

First, when we think about racial ineguality, do we blame everyone in the country, or do we research the truth? Actually we can place blame on one political party.

Since it’s very beginning, (Founded January 8, 1828): the Democratic party has; defended slavery, started the civil war because they wanted to retain those slaves, opposed Reconstruction, founded the KKK, imposed segregation, perpetrated lynchings, and fought against civil rights acts. By contrast, the Republican party was founded March 20, 1854 and was vastly known as the Anti-Slavery party. It’s mission was to stop the spread of slavery to the Western States and abolish slavery altogether. Here’s the proofs of those things:

In 1857, during the Dred Scott v. Sanford case, the Supreme Court Justices ruled that slaves were not citizens but rather “property”. The 7 Justices that voted in favor of keeping slaves were all Democrats. The only 2 Republican Justices voted against keeping slaves. This led the whole country into a war, a bloody civil war. – Just 6 days after the war ended and slaves were freed by President Abraham Lincoln, a man named John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth was a Democrat.

Nathan Bedford Forrest.

After Lincoln was killed his Vice President, Andrew Johnson, a Democrat, refused to integrate blacks into the economic structure in the South and much of the country. He greatly opposed the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery, opposed the 14th Amendment which gave blacks citizenship, and opposed the 15th Amendment which gave blacks the right to vote.

Women of the KKK.

After the Reconstruction period and the Federal troops that were enforcing “abolishment of slavery” laws went home, Democrats quickly came back into power, especially in the South. They quickly re-established white supremacy with laws that restricted selling property to blacks, imposed toll taxes on blacks, and passed “Literacy Test” laws on blacks to keep them from showing up at the voting booths. These dictator style laws were enforced through “terrorism”. (Sounds like what’s happening today?) Mainly through the use of the KKK. The KKK was founded by a Democrat, Nathan Bedford Forrest. weEric Foner, a History Professor at Columbia University said; “In effect, the Klan was a military force serving the interests of the Democratic party.”

President Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, (1912-1921), shared many views with the KKK. He re-segregated many Federal offices and showed the very first movie ever to be shared by the White House. The movie was called, “The Clansman.”

In 1964, 80% of Republicans voted in favor of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Less than 70% of Democrats voted in favor of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Democratic Senators filibustered the Act for 75 days until the Republicans finally gained enough support to pass the Bill.

Lyndon Johnson.

Since the efforts of the Democrats had failed to keep blacks enslaved and keep them from voting they decided to change their strategies. President Lyndon Johnson, (1963-1969), said; “I’ll have them n*ggers voting Democrat for 200 years.” And, “when I appoint a n*gger to the bench, I want everybody to know he’s a nigger.”

Now, the Democratic Party enjoys votes from the black community, the very people it tried to keep enslaved for most all of its entire history, and even to this day the number one agenda for getting votes from anyone for the Democratic party is summed up in one word. (DECEPTION.) Hillary Clinton called young black men “Super-predators”.


(See also: “Hillary’s America – The Secret History Of The Democratic Party“)  The current Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden said, “Integrating black students would turn schools into a jungle.”
Do we lay blame where it should be placed or blame wrongly the innocent?

Joe Biden.

Democrats continue to intentionally mislead the entire country; not just blacks but every race residing in the country. As we look at the Democratic party today we see Cities and States that are Democrat controlled falling to terrorist organizations. Both private and business properties have been destroyed on a grand scale. (Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, others, and the entire State of California and most of New York). The Democrats have done little, and in most cases nothing to stop the destruction and in some cases flatly refused to do anything about the destruction of their own land. Do they deserve a bail-out now by the rest of the country? Or do we need to let them suffer through their ignorance?

The Democrats are pushing for a Social Democracy, Communism and Marxism where American citizens will be paying a 70% income tax and more crippling things. For the sake of saying so, let’s pretend for a moment that reparations were rewarded blacks: after the proposed 151 million dollars for each descendant is payed, how much is left after paying 70% in income taxes? Or, how many people can survive on one dollar a day? Should every American citizen be liable for a stranger’s college tuition? The list is long.

It’s no longer a secret that massive government welfare programs have decimated the black family unit via Democratic social programs. Opposition to school choice by Democrats has kept blacks in failing schools. Politically correct policing has left blacks facing police brutality. The list is long. However, all these things happen/continue to happen in Democrat controlled areas. You won’t find those things happening in the Republican controlled areas.

If we want to make a substantial change in the way people are treated then we need to take anyone that we need to, to the highest Court of the land and have a thousand to a few million supporters just outside the door.

We all agree that choke holds should be illegal. We all agree that every citizen, regardless of their color should be allowed to go to any school of choice. We all agree that every citizen has the right to an education, an equal chance at employment and an equal chance at prosperity. (Many Democrats do not believe these things.)

We now have radicals trying to destroy the entire American system. If and when that happens, and if the Democrats get their way, this country will fair no better than others that adopted a socialist demeanor. This country has become the strongest nation of the world and it was capitalism that made it that way. Just look at all the Socialist nations of the world and see how they live. What they are forced to eat. The ever-depleting monetary systems. The rights of the people to have an opinion or to voice that opinion. The list goes on and on and on and on.

People for countless decades have flocked to the United States in hopes of freedom from tyranny and the Socialist, Communist and Marxist failures of the country they are leaving behind. We have had, and with the right party in office, will continue to have the world’s strongest economy, the mightiest military and the most freedoms offered anywhere in the world. But if the Democrats and the terrorist’s keep a hold on the ignorance that’s happening in the United States at this time, and if the current President loses the upcoming election: then we should expect that dollar-a-day scenario to play out in real life and quite quickly.

So, we see who has been behind the scenes of all the turmoil.

The question of the day is this:

Are we to continue to be blinded by hypocrisy, deception and outright lies by these people? Or are we going to ask the much harder questions and call them out and expose them?

You decide. Your future and your children’s future depends on the right choices. God bless.

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