Will a Cease Fire in Gaza Hold? Tensions Rising in the Middle East

  • The Palestinians from Gazan have continued to send fire balloons from their territory into southern Israel.
  • Protesters stormed the Bahrain embassy in Bagdad in demonstrations against America burning American flags and carrying Palestinian flags.
  • President Trump met with Vladmir Putin in Japan summit.

After the disappointing two day Summit of Jared Kushner representing the U.S., the situation in the Middle East and in Israel continues to be on fire. The Palestinians from Gaza have continued to send fire balloons from their territory into southern Israel. More than a hundred of these balloons were recorded during the past week in an escalation of terror from the time of the Summit in Bahrain.

Israel, in retaliation, refused to send into Gaza gasoline to be used by them for electricity.  They have also threatened to restrict their fishing rights in the Mediterranean. Friday, in hope of obtaining a cease fire to stop these balloon attacks, the Israelis allowed gasoline to enter into Gaza and also they opened the waters for fishing.  Friday recorded additional incidents of fire balloons causing fires and damage to property in Israel. Saturday registered only one incident of a fire balloon.

According to Iraqi security officials, the Bahraini embassy in Baghdad was stormed Thursday by protesters who disapprove of Bahrain’s hosting of a US-led peace conference aimed at securing an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Protesters stormed the Bahrain embassy in Baghdad in demonstrations against America burning American flags and carrying Palestinian flags. Saudi Arabia and other Arab states have condemned them.  There seems to be mixed feelings about the Bahrain summit and about the U.S. relations in the Middle East.  Supporters of the Palestinians are also supporters of Iran.

President Trump met with Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit in Japan.  They joked about the upcoming elections in America in 2020.  Other matters that were discussed were kept confidential but for sure many issues were spoken about involving Iran, Syria and Israel. This was the first meeting between Trump and Putin since the release of the Mueller Report.

There is a great possibility that the elections scheduled for September will be cancelled.  Netanyahu and Blue and White leader Benny Gantz are considering making a unified government where each would share the leadership of the nation. Both Netanyahu and Gantz received an equal amount of mandates.  Gantz could not make a government himself but Netanyahu was very close to reaching the required 61 mandates, but Avigdor Leiberman (representing a party with five mandates) refused to give in to the demands of the religious parties.

Mordechai Tzemach Eliyahu (March 3, 1929 – June 7, 2010), was a prominent rabbi, posek, and spiritual leader. He served as the Rishon LeZion (Chief Rabbi of Israel) from 1983 to 1993.

Elections were scheduled for September.  If Netanyahu will decide to go in together with Benny Gantz, a former army general, it may be disappointing for the religious parties who are looking for special privileges like exemption from the draft. The decision will have to be made soon. The nation through cancelling the elections will save a lot of money. Elections are expensive.

On Monday of this week the U.S. targeted Iranian leaders with additional sanctions which will apply more pressures on Iran to redo their nuclear deal with America.  America will sanction any country that imports Iranian oil without exceptions.  These sanctions will lock up billions more dollars of Iranian assets.

Riots broke out in the Old City of Jerusalem when a policeman was attacked from the back by an Arab throwing fireworks at him.  The Arab was shot dead.  This week there were riots also in the Shufat Refugee camp in Eastern Jerusalem. Nineteen people were taken prisoner.

Thursday in Jerusalem was the anniversary date of the previous chief Rabbi Mordecai Eliyahu.  Thousands of Jews came from all over Israel to visit his grave at the Jerusalem Cemetary Har Menuchot.  There was a special ceremony made by his son Shmuel Eliyahu the Chief Rabbi of the city of Sefat. These days are known to be special for prayers for the welfare of Israel and also for other needs of the people, like their livelihood and health.

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