Will Advancements in the Freelance Global Gigs Market in Ukraine Slow Down or Stop the Outflow of Skilled Workers?

Ukraine currently has a shortage of almost all skilled labor.  The number of Ukrainian workers has decrease from 18 million in 2013 to around 15 million today. According to Ukrainian Presidential Advisor Oleg Ustenko,

“Ukraine continues to lose labor resources, which carries serious risks and threats to the country. If the current pace of the outflow of human resources continues, then fulfilling the ambitious task set by the president to sharply increase the rate of economic growth will not be feasible.”

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Possibly the number one problem with Ukraine keeping skilled workers is the very low GDP income of only $2,640 per person.  With other European Union countries posting over $36,000 per year in GDP income, Ukrainians know that taking their skills outside the country could earn them well over 10 times the pay for the same work. Seeing the advantages, the youngest and most skilled often migrate into the Europe Union, hollowing out the Ukrainian economy, possibly even more than the already negative statistics lead you to believe.

Many Ukrainians know that a skilled freelance global gig operator could stay at home and compete on the global pay scale, especially if there is demand for their gigs. Many studies have indicated that to become skilled in the Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace you must keep up with news and information, both in your specialized skill and the competitive nature of the FGG markets themselves. (a short review of what a Freelance Global Gig is)

One of the other big barriers to leaving your county if you’re Ukrainian is that you’d have to learn a new language, because most people in the EU don’t know Ukrainian or Russian.  With today’s internet, the language issue has been solved. For example, some Freelance Global Gigs Marketplaces provide updates on the fast moving technology and the competitiveness of the freelance market in the Ukrainian language (Новини ринку комунальних фрілансерів) and also in Russian (Новости рынка коммунальных фрилансов).

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For its size, Ukraine is very much a star in the global freelance market with a contribution of over 1% of worldwide outsourcing. Not only is Ukraine known for its freelance outsourcing but is recognized worldwide for being a leading hub for talent in information technology. For example, redwerk.com has won many awards as a development company for leading software. Ukraine had a shockingly high 52% of its population accessing and utilizing the internet by 2016. This helps to explain the strong technical background the country has achieved in the freelance global gig economy.

What Ukraine needs is for its talented and skilled professionals to have equal access to the world market, and one of the best ways for that to occur is by joining the FGG Low Cost Marketplace, where Ukrainians can develop their own entrepreneur skills on a global scale. The FGG Low Cost Marketplace is where you provide a service (a gig) to the market anywhere in the world. Most freelance jobs currently offered in counties such as Ukraine are low paying, repetitive data entry jobs.

Real success will come when you provide a high demand service globally on a low cost gig platform. This is where highly skilled workers can achieve a larger share of the profits and increase their recognition. In the US skilled FGG works make more than thier counterparts. Often you can do this work while living in your historic homeland. Many start their future at night, after working a full time job, or even when their children go to bed.

The freelance global gigs markets are here and will grow very rapidly in Ukraine. To gain an advantage we offer low cost and high traffic Out FGG Low Cost Marketplace is powered by Communal News, a global news service that provides about 2,000 related article links in each language to FGG, as well as publishing news in over 100 languages. That’s why we’re able to gain so much traffic and global recognition even though FGG just recently opened.

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