Will Hateful Democrats, the Corrupt Biased Media, the Treasonous FBI, CIA and DOJ, Defeat the Most Accomplished President Ever?

  • President Trump’s outstanding achievements!
  • Do regular blue collar workers agree the radical Democratic agenda?
  • Former Vice Presidents Biden’s failures!
  • Facebook, Google and Twitter are censoring damning information about Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son.
  • What a corrupt two tier justice system and corrupt biased media we have today!

President Trump has accomplished more in his three and a half years in office than any former president. However you wouldn’t know it by reading or watching the lying, extreme biased media. Some of President Trump’s outstanding achievements:

  1. Just out, 33.1% GDP in our 3rd quarter, the highest GDP ever recorded!
  2. The most Americans ever employed in the history of our country.
  3. The lowest Black, Latino, Asians, and women unemployment ever recorded.
  4. Rebuilding our depleted military.
  5. Turning around the Veterans Administration’s deadly delays in seeing a doctor.
  6. Holding NATO members responsible to pay their back membership dues.
  7. Building a wall at our Mexican border to stop drug traffic, sex traffic and illegal aliens from entering our country.
  8. Negotiating fair and receptacle trade agreements with China, Canada and the European Union.
  9. Holding China reciprocal for the COVID- 19 virus that began in China and could have been contained there.
  10. Moving Israel’s capital to Jerusalem and acknowledging the Golden Heights as part of Israel.
  11. The peace deal with Israel involving  Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain which could lead to a lasting peace in the Mid-East and many additional countries to follow.
  12. President Trump has been nominated for three different Nobel Peace Prizes.

Most Democrats are so blinded by hate toward President Trump they are willing to destroy our Democracy in order to remove him from office.  Hate causes destruction to others as we have witnessed in many of our Democratic controlled cities. Hate affects the hater also! In an article from Everyday Health: “The Destructive Power of Hate” dated 11/15/2017: “Poison isn’t always something you eat or drink-it can be an emotion. And hate is one of them, eating you up inside and causing destruction”. It goes on to say: “While hate can be almost anything-animals, food, jobs, movies-the most destructive is hatred toward other people”. Another quote from, Siddhartha Buddha: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one that gets burned”.

Free tax payer medical care for everyone including illegal immigrants.

Do regular everyday blue collar workers agree with the following?

  1. Tax payer funded abortions for anyone at any time or infanticide.
  2. Free tax payer medical care for everyone including illegal immigrants.
  3. Tax payer free college and debt forgiveness for all student loans.
  4. The “Green New Deal” eliminating coal, natural gas, oil and nuclear energy by substituting renewables such as wind and solar, costing trillions of dollars annually.
  5. Open borders and the elimination of ICE, our border protection officers.
  6. Defunding our police departments and accepting rioting, looting and destruction of property including monuments and Federal Buildings.
  7. Higher taxes for individuals and bringing back the job killing Obama/Biden corporate taxes.
  8. More job killing regulations that Trump eliminated resulting in fantastic job growth.
  9. Giving the Clintons a free pass on deleting subpoenaed emails and their corrupt charity while attempting to impeach Trump.

Why the corrupt biased media is ignoring two of the most explosive/damning stories in our country’s history, is beyond belief. The corrupt, biased New York Times and The Washington Post, owned by Trump hater Jeff Bezos, the richest person on the planet, are both arms of the Democratic Party. They withhold all positive accomplishments of President Trump but just print everything negative they find about him. They along with CNN, owned by AT&T, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS also are corrupt arms of the Democratic Party and just spew their partisan hateful misinformation regarding Trump in lockstep.

The Obama administration weaponized the FBI, CIA, DNI and the Department of Justice. First they ignored Hillary Clinton’s illegal deletion of over 300,000 subpoenaed emails, many containing classified material on her personal unsecured server. Hillary destroyed her server using bleach bit and destroyed her phones and Blackberry by either deleting the sim card or smashing them with hammers. The above organizations and the complicit media said nothing and suppressed coverage.

After over two years of investigation and millions of wasted tax payer dollars, the president was cleared of all collusion with Russia. However, due to all the negative press coverage, “92% negative” according to Investor’s Business Daily, for the Republicans, they lost the House of Representatives. Today they are trying to steal the presidential election buy suppressing the Biden scandal involving his son Hunter Biden. Joe Biden and his family received millions of dollars from China, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries.

Voted for the Iraq War killing thousands of Americans.

Former Vice Presidents accomplishments:

  1. Voted for the Iraq War killing thousands of Americans.
  2. Voted against the killing of Osama ben Laden who was responsible for the death of thousands of innocent Americans and destruction of the twin towers on 9/11.
  3. Voted for the corrupt Iranian nuclear deal with no inspections and validations of military sites.
  4. This deal gave Iran billions of dollars, much in cash, so they could spread their Islamic intimidation and death throughout the region.
  5. Biden voted for the Paris Climate Accords, which would severely punish Americans financially while giving China and India, two huge polluters, a free ride.
  6. In 1974 Senator Biden fought integration and bussing black children into more effluent white schools. Today, Biden is against school choice, leaving minorities in failing schools.
  7. According to Real Clear Politics, Robert Gates, who served as defense secretary for the Obama administration, was quoted as saying that Biden has: “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades”.
  8. Lying Biden has flip- flopped on abortion, fracking in Pennsylvania and says whatever his audience wants to here.
  9. Biden has enriched his family greatly, not by anything he has done, but by leveraging his position as Vice President. His son received millions of dollars from the Chinese government and the Ukraine energy company.

All the above media company’s including Facebook, Google and Twitter are censoring damning information about Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, because it would disqualify Joe Biden from running for the highest office in the land. Hunter Biden’s emails recovered on his laptop computer; expose a level of corruption beyond belief. Hunter Biden is currently under investigation for money laundering by the FBI. The damning emails found on Hunter’s abandoned computer, have been verified by Fox News. They contacted one of the recipients of Hunter’s emails and he verified that it was exactly the same as the one found on Hunter’s laptop.

If that is not enough, Tony Bobulinski, Hunter’s business partner, went on the record stating that he met with Joe Biden on two occasions discussing financial business dealings with Joe and his two sons. Their discussions involved millions of dollars going to Hunter and “the big guy”, Joe Biden. Countries involved were China, Ukraine, Russia and several other countries. To date Joe Biden has not refuted any of the information, but the corrupt media refuses to cover the bombshell story! In addition, Twitter, refused to let any user including, The New York Post, mention anything about the evidence found on Hunter’s laptop.

Where are the corrupt FBI, CIA, DNI, DOJ and State Department? The FBI has had Hunter Biden’s laptop for over a year. If this were Trump’s laptop with all the incriminating evidence, he would be impeached and sent to prison by now. What a corrupt two tier justice system and corrupt biased media we have today!  They are more than willing to promote a mentally challenged, knowingly corrupt candidate to the highest office in the land. At the other extreme, they are ignoring all the successes of the most accomplished president in our history.

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Bob Sayre

Robert (Bob) W. Sayre, Sr. grew up in Pennsylvania and graduated from Penn State University. Later he was an executive in several independent distributors. He resides now in St Charles, MO. Prior to retiring, Robert owned three remodeling companies. After he retired, he volunteered at Salvation Army, Oasis Food Pantry, “Jobs for Life” and helping the homeless. He also wrote a book: “The Truth Will Set You Free, Eleven Myths Satan Uses to Deceive Man”.  

One thought to “Will Hateful Democrats, the Corrupt Biased Media, the Treasonous FBI, CIA and DOJ, Defeat the Most Accomplished President Ever?”

  1. If the numbers and enthusiasm of the voters at the Trumps rallies (aka peaceful protests) are any indication of Tuesday’s outcome, then the answer to your question is a resounding NO! An extensive list of Trumps accomplishments is at https://magapill.com/ .
    These citizens see Trump as their Champion. Champions or warriors are not politically correct. Warriors are goal oriented, unrelenting in the pursuit of their enemy. In his case, the enemy is “The Swamp”. 

    His accomplishments are the spoils that he has won in his many battles against the Swamp. His supporters love him for his devotion to the thing that matters to them, freedom.

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