With Indian Job Market Declining, Isn’t It Time for Indians to Look Into Virtual Cloud Freelance Jobs in the US. What an Opportunity!

Many skilled Indian professionals are finding ways through the internet to providing high-level, professional freelance gig services inside the United States. The jobs are Human Cloud virtual freelance gig jobs, where parties can live in their home country (such as India) but provide highly skilled services to American businesses.

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In the past, most Indians that were involved with the US worked at Indian call centers, or at a technology company, but the new freelance gig marketplace has allowed individuals from all over the World, to offer their services directly into the United States. Sites such as Freelance Global Gigs Marketplace (FGG) now allow the skilled professional to directly list their gig or profession in the Untied States while still living in India. These virtual jobs have no out-of-pocket expenses, are very low cost, and Freelance Global Gigs Marketplace currently has no upfront fees.  It‘s Amazing!

This is an opportunity not for just Indian but most of Asia for freelancer, or someone looking to become one, to get their gig written and posted on the FGG in the US in under an hour, with no costs. That’s simply amazing even for beginners, and with the increased possible pay, who would want to fight Mumbai traffic to get to work?

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This could be a shocking and exciting financial advancement for an Indian profession who begins landing freelance gig jobs at American rates while still living in India. In 2017, the average GDP per capita in India was under $2,000.  What a lifestyle change, where the average freelance skilled worker in America is earning close to $70,000!

Skilled workers from Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and more who have skills in fast growing blockchain, social media, advertising, marketing, website development, coding, cyber security, writers & cloud services— these professional are able to charge close to American rates which is often many times more than the local rate in Indian Rupees.

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A recent survey in India showed that the general public’s positive views on employment have declined significantly. “Households’ sentiments on the general economic situation and the employment scenario declined further, and people were less optimistic on their income over the year ahead than in July 2019,” said India’s RB’s Confidence Survey.

That is completely different from the United States where unemployment rates just hit a new 50 year low.  This is making it very hard for employers to find skilled positions. US employers are taking to the freelance market, especially for unique skills, and with the robust US employment situation, many are finding it hard to acquire quality employees.

Those at Freelance Global Gigs say, “this is an unbelievable time for skilled Indian professionals to offer their own personal gig services. Gigs on the Human Clouds are now providing so many options, for both the Indian gig provider and American businesses.”

To summarize, the current Indian job market is declining and the pay is only a fraction when compared to America.  While in America unemployment hits a 50-year low and wages are increasing. What an opportunity for a skilled Indian freelancer to provide a gig on the virtual Human Cloud and possibly make over 35 times more than their friends and neighbors.

The possibilities on the Human Cloud for the skilled Indian worker are unlimited, with possibly very long careers.  For those wanting to move to the US some day, what a simple and cost-free way to get your foot in the door.

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