Slow Down, But Don’t Stop: Why This Part-Time Option for Physicians Outshines Early Retirement

Taking early retirement sounds good when you’re in the trenches every day. It means not having to deal with third-party payers, irritated practice managers, late nights, weekend or holiday calls or bureaucratic tasks that have stripped away the joy you once savored practicing medicine. After years of sacrificing your personal life and free time in favor of medical education, you realize that practicing is almost the same deal: lengthy shifts, little time to yourself, and a mountain of paperwork. Retiring might sound like freedom. You could get enough sleep, go out with friends, and slow down and savor each day.


在全球範圍內,冠狀病毒大流行導致個人護理行業的增長下降。 但是,就手用肥皂庫存而言,消費者對具有低污染風險的產品的偏愛日益增加,這有助於維持需求。 此外,恐慌性購買行為大大增強了需求。 監管機構的手部衛生指令將在可預見的將來跟上需求。


如果冠狀病毒教給我們任何東西,那就是我們國家的醫護人員是世界上真正的超級英雄。 拯救生命和改善生活是他們一天的工作。

但是,即使是超級英雄也需要一點幫助,尤其是當他們正在學習使用自己的超級能力時。 不幸的是,在勞累和人手不足的時期,新銳的醫生,護士和其他醫療保健提供者可能很難獲得所需的培訓。